Siberian Rhodiola Rosea - 500mg

Siberian Rhodiola Rosea - 500mg

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Why is our Rhodiola Rosea Different? It comes from Siberia which is considered the premium source for this botanical herb; Wildcrafted, each root is carefully selected by the local cooperative that follows a program of sustainability and social responsibility; Our Rhodiola is harvested after a minimum of four year growth in the forests of Siberia

Standardized to 3% Rosavin 1% Salidroside which is commonly accepted as the most beneficial and potent formulation; The same balance as is used in many scientific studies

Not from China: A lot of Rhodiola Rosea is Chinese in origin, ours is from Siberia; We work with one of the very few companies that are licensed to export Rhodiola rosea roots from this region; The current harvest of the root from this region of Siberia is a result of several years of collaboration between selected plant extract manufacturers and local farmers

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This product is suitable for vegetarians, is not genetically modified or derived from a genetically modified organism

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